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Braille Transcription

brailleThe time is always right to do what is right. –Martin Luther King Jr.

accessLinx will transcribe your materials into braille or large print format to ensure your information is accessible!

Braille transcription and Large Print format
… Braille production by braillists certified by the Library of Congress in Literary Braille Transcription and Proofreading as well as Nemeth code

Anything that can be printed can be brailled and made into larger print . . . just think about that concept! Ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I want to connect with all potential audiences and to provide the best format people need and prefer?” One way of ensuring that you are reaching out to many more people is to provide alternate formats. Braille transcription enables individuals who are blind to read independently and have access to information that everyone else has. accessLinx provides numerous braille and large print applications . . . and the possibilities are endless!

Braille services will be performed to the “high level of care” of industry standards. Braille transcription and proofreading performed by a transcriber certified in Literary Braille Transcription by the Library of Congress to ensure standards of accuracy and braille format. Transcribers follow braille code specifications set forth by the Braille Authority of North America (BANA). All content provided in print will be transcribed into UEB (Unified English Braille).

accessLinx has always been there for us. Whenever we have needed a quick turnaround with excellent quality, we have gotten it. accessLinx has helped us with special accommodations including brailling of documents. It’s great to have access to the many specialized capabilities accessLinx brings to us.

David Vandergoot, Ph.D., CEMS

Typical braille transcription and large print projects include (but certainly aren’t limited to) product information, policy and procedural manuals for employees, menus, hotel information, health insurance information, educational materials, conference hand-outs, promotional materials, applications, financial reports,  business cards, brochures, surveys, tests, text books, certificates, signage, tickets, invitations, labels, etc.

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